All about me and the channel!

Hi, as you know from the home page, my name is Brendan. (FLASHBACK) Ever since I was a little kid, who watched SO much youtube, I've always dreamt of my own youtube channel. Me and my friend would dream of a successful channel that everyone visited and knew about. And now that dream is real, and I'm here to tell you all about my channel. So, right now, I have 339 views for all of my videos in total. My channel was started in Aug 27, 2014. So far, I haven't been the best at keeping up with uploading and tening to all my loyal subscribers, I'm working very hard to be better at that. I've gotten a lot of views and nice comments and I appreciate all the love i've gotten, and that I am prepared for the soon to come, hate comments. See, the problem with my uploading is, you guessed it, school. School takes up most of my time and the rest is taken by other things I have to do like playing on my soccer team. Whenever I get small amounts of free time, that's when I make my videos. I want to make my videos the best they can be, so if you have any suggestions for ways that I can make my videos and edit them, tell me in the comment section. I'd like to edit my funny momments videos and help my other videos with simple editing to make them also funny. The way that I make videos now is very complicated and I'm searching for easier ways to upload videos more often. So, back to the channel and me, I love to play many different games like first-person-shooters, survival games, and just plain silly games! I've also done two vlogs, one about my vacation, and one about the room that I make the videos in and play xbox. Here is a link to the channel: My channel

Three other games that I forgot to mention are Subnautica, Roblox, and SpeedRunners. SpeedRunners and Roblox are both kid friendly. Subnautica, might be a bit scary for the younger viewers. Especially if they have a fear of creatures that live in the ocean. Fun fact about me, I'm actually scared of sharks and other things in the ocean, so if you want to laugh at my cowardice, click here to visit that subnautica video: Subnautica
Roblox for xbox Speed runner Subnautica